CAMMEO Micro Needles Magic Patch





  1. After cleaning the skin with toner, take out the patch and tear off the transparent film from the edge and the back.

  2. Apply the patch on any facial area where it is most needed (such as crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles or nasolabial folds etc). Pressing the patch several times to make needles permeate into the skin well.

  3. Remove the patch after at least 45 min, pat gently to help your skin absorb the remaining essence. (Preferably overnight)

Main effects: reduce dark circles, eye lines, eye bags, crow’s feet, tiger lines, any fine lines, moisturizing, wrinkle removal, anti-aging

The main ingredients of the microneedle beauty patch are the antioxidant tripeptide AOP and hyaluronic acid, which can remove wrinkles, remove lines, moisturize and whiten the skin. Colleagues also effectively improve skin texture, including crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, eye bags, dark circles, etc.


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