IU Chat-Shire (4rd Mini Album)


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IU minor current one twenty-three. And your now.
IU fourth mini-album [CHAT-SHIRE] released

Everyone awaited fourth mini-album, IU [CHAT-SHIRE] is finally released.
To evoke the last album and announced a consensus of the number of unique emotions many fans with a delicate through jajakgok to IU showed growth as a musician is to expand the participation area by producing through this album ppaegok their voices to the album overall It was captured.
The album [CHAT-SHIRE] is contained a total of seven expressed to the idea felt from things and people seen going to the 23-year-old IU assigned to the fictional character, and album name ‘CHAT-SHIRE’ is inhabited by characters of each song It means a small society where you can look back in all three states and twenty steps.
Through the ‘CHAT-CHIRE’ containing the current IU you your future – will be reminiscent of the figure of the past-present. Stories IU own experiences and thoughts with the desktop, but what you can think of can happen to all of us. I want to talk about it and communicate with it in’CHAT-SHIRE’.


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