IU Growing-Up (1st Regular Album)


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1st regular album 〈Growing Up〉

The first album of this work was the more massive of the IU are bright and dynamic music. In addition, he painted the colorful look of love as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl with expression of IU million. IU album contained a total of 16 <Growing Up> it is placed as if to draw the evolution of love. Girl’s sensibility that love grows from the moment of “looking at” the unrequited unrequited love from the distant point of view, from a moment of confession and confession, to the moment of “facing” in front of your eyes and the moment of “facing” that is pleasing to your heart. As it was.
The title song “Boo” is an up-tempo song that adds a modern sophistication to the cute 80s bogo-style sound. V.O.S. It is the work of hit composer Han Sang-won, who is said to be synonymous with sensational melody such as Park Ji-heon’s “When I Want to See” and Wanted’s “Do not go, don’t go”. Aka “Heart Dance” “Boo” that is catching craze expected along IU dance nationwide as is the slang meaning is also onomatopoeia used when you make fun of a party to the words that are often seen in American comic book, but the two called “stunning rational friends.” .
In addition, “gayeowo” the lyrical voice of IU compelling, “Ugly Duckling” and ballads as well as a variety of genres from reggae style music, such as “A Dreamer” and “you know” and modern rock the “Show face” was mentioned to the title track of candidates By implementing, the album has a solid composition that makes it hard to feel bored even if you listen to the entire album over and over again.


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