IU IM (2st Mini Album)


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Heat IU five looked good songs haeseokryeok and vocals close to perfect as a ballad called debut song “Mia” at a young age is a ten lively sensibility to the regular album title song ‘Boo’ predecessor, the 180 also turns into another youthful image He appealed and showed his expression as a bright and cute girl diva through the follow-up song’You Know’, without any regret, and can express any genre.

The second mini-album, once again captivated catch our eyes and ears [IU ,,, IM] has listed a total of seven of the producer and songwriter who brings a high work complete take all Albums peurodyusingreul IU was released whilst choegapwon Focused on the best composers from Korea, such as Kim Do-hoon, Sangwon Han, Jong-hoon Lee, and Woong-min Min, they completed an album that would satisfy their fans’ expectations.
The album title [IU… IM] is “IU … I mean literally means containing the emotions and thoughts that see, hear and feel IU convey through her own song called “and will showcase the youthful but pure emotion of seventeen girls through this album. The title song “Marshmallow” is based on “Rock and Roll” in the 60s, and adds the trendyness of “French Pop”, which is currently popular all over the world. The nation’s top producer and composer Kim, Do – Hoon baksujong and came up with a gift and write a song just for IU in one piece. ‘Marshmallow’ is the producer of this album and the lyrics by Choi Gap-won, who produced many hits, were written. A lively first half of the last line seemed to be cute ‘Boo’ IU can meet to mature femininity with an upgraded look cute one step through this “Wu marshmallows.
Besides attacking the spirited girl talking dont love does not shy before ‘Love attack’, further deepened sensibility stands out ‘train’, ahryeon and sad vocals are sounding the heart “Morning Tears”, IU dream date is this feeling ? It is composed of songs with high completeness that cannot be missed, such as “Dating exciting”.


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