IU Last Fantasy (2st Regular Album)


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Regular IU Vol. 2 [Last Fantasy] “When the eyes blink’s going to be an adult …”

Last year, the whole world is tainted former IU as ‘good day’ finally holding a new album to fans back side. IU’s new album [Last Fantasy] is one house [Growing up] album after serving only two years, this album served as an Executive Producer Cho Young-cheol produced last year, which had created an “IU syndrome. Cho Young-cheol producer focused approach to that expressed by the musicality that IU has a more diverse side through this album.

And the new album, the album title mean of [Last Fantasy] has a meaning IU overlooking the 20s starting from 10 units last minute naetdaneun drawn thought, imagination, fantasy, etc. that bear in mind in the album, and music fans to IU It contains the meaning that various features are desired through songs. This 2nd album, which contains 13 songs in total, attracts the attention of the best musicians and composers in Korea. Gimgwangjin had willingly participated in the annular, Jung Jae Hyung, transfer, Kim, Hyung – Seok, Jung Suk-won, Kim Hyun Chul, Yoon Jong Shin, yiminsu, Corinne Bailey future, G. gorilla, Ra.D etc. More over both musicians are self-explanatory album of this IU.

Title song “You and me, two of the regular home yiminsu born composer who had a ‘good day’ – a collaboration of Kim and lyricist, conveys the colorful musical sensibility and an upgrade of IU. ‘You and I’ is the song once again showcase the charm of the singer IU has, has a mysterious and elusive concept of a teenage girl comes to meet the distant future, leaving time travel. A configuration that cross the minor and major chord harp, horn, etc. Is this a stand out almost Browse arrangements to convey the variety and fantasy of a real sound impression with a hard instrument from, you can meet a variety of vocal expressiveness made of IU.


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