IU Lost And Found (1st Mini Album)


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(Breaking News) Korea’s helplessness with new epidemic!
“IU” issued advisories to hear once applied to the bottles repeated listening!

IU is an innate ability to live a rich sensibility Loose girl who has a deep understanding of the Western have a voice, and can not be absolute, innate inborn In song out early age. Her voice, like an artist with decades of experience, has full control over her feelings, and the word “newcomer” is colorless if you’re listening to a song.
This album is a lyricist and producer Choi Gap-won who hit many songs from sensitive ballads to dances such as Spider “Missing Memory”, Wheesung “Incurable Disease”, Lee Hyo-ri “Talk Tok Talk”, Jang Hye-Jin “Don’t Meet”, and his strongest composer PJ, Soul -Lee Jong-hoon of the shop, singer Mario is also added together, and a new genre called “Hybrid Pop” is predicting another jackpot accident.
The title song “Mia,” which gives a feeling of tropical color, can be said to be “Hybrid-Pop”, which is based on the ballad line, and combines the latest music market trends with electronic sound and hip-hop rhythm. The album IU with a broad spectrum that cross the boundaries of the genre was configured to sense a wide range of musical tastes.

Critic Tae-Hoon Kim said, “Even though I am a newcomer, I feel skillful in the passage that skillfully digests all ranges from high tone to low-pitched tone with rich and expressive expression without being shrunken by the grand sound. Musical evolution that differs from the sensibility and sensibility when I hear BoA ​​for the first time. we anticipate a year, “he said praised the music of IU. It is just nice to walk the much anticipated album of Nancy IU digest a lot of competence in Amateur



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