IU Twenty Years of Spring (Single Album)




Bit convey to the fans, private single story ::: IU [twenty-year-old spring;
IU came back to the fans side with the spring.

Show last year album grow as a singer-songwriter [LAST FANTASY], the IU with vigorous musical activities including a successful Japanese debut, women showed confidence as a solo artist in Korea first nationwide tour concert held news resulted in a new album We present fresh music once again to fans who have given us their constant love and support.

The new single [twenty-year-old Spring] is a little bit of all the first album, announcement, folded his debut four years after the car IU IU is twenty years old, and showcase the emotions of private and candid inside. IU this single were Cho Young-cheol producers served as Executive-produced, a further explanation is not necessary the nation’s top hit makers bakgeuntae, Kim, Do – Hoon composer and Kim and lyricist, has took part, and the simeunji composer, Kim, Eun – Soo lyrics of JYP Department participated eye Turn off. The IU is a jajakgok addition to going after the face of a singer-songwriter.

All three songs are recorded [twenty-year-old Spring] announces a sweet start with ‘Peaches’ is jajakgok IU. The excitement green spring scent-filled love song ‘Peach’ Love is the anticipation of the acoustic sound and music to express emotion, putput and girls of IU’s emotional well-represented in the song When Love starts. The lyrics of Just watching the two lovers hearts aeteuthan not know what to do good to express love is harmonized with the gentle, yet sweet melody like a tingling angyeojunda receive confessed to IU. In addition, a sound recorder and Triangle IU yourself playing the song and adds harmony girl sensibility.

The title song of [The Spring of Twenty Years Old] is a collaboration between composer Park Geun-tae and composer Do-hoon Kim. Day End “is a song that can meet the bright vocals of IU in a lively up-tempo disco-style song, much loved by fans reminiscent oldeupap. I this as much like the other person to represent the next hope to determine cycle, first approached cycle wish the girls ‘day end’ heart Green is becomes blended the serenity of the spectacular scale string striking sounds and IU and bright vocal listening It gives a pleasant excitement.

The last song, “I hate her,” is a collaboration between songwriter Sim Eun-ji and songwriter Kim Eun-soo. As the title suggests, this R&B-style ballad song is an impressive song with a lyrics that unravels in a monologue the resentment of a man who can’t let go of love and not look at himself with the eyes of a third party. The acoustic guitar sound and vocal style of the animated resignation IU adds loneliness adds to the atmosphere of harmony song.

Warm in May, [twenty-year-old Spring] IU to sing will come to us with warmth and bright sunshine.


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