MAMAMOO Hello (1st Mini Album)


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“MAMAMOO” Finally unveiled!
The first mini album [HELLO].

-A new girl group recognized by top talents such as Wheesung, Spider, K-Will, and Bumkey, Mamamu.
-An album that takes off the title of a common talented idol and takes advantage of Mamamu’s unique personality

“MAMAMOO” means that babies play primitive and instinctive music like’MAMA’, the first and familiar word in the world.

Mamamo, which caused public curiosity because there was no public information other than the sound source. They are finally born into the world!

Through the release of Bumkey’s’Don’t Be Happy’, K-Will-Hwisung’s’Summer Boy’ and’Hihahheho’ with Hicks, they show various colors of Mamamu’s voices and demonstrating their skills to many talented artists before their debut. I received it.

Mamamu’s first mini-album “HELLO” color is overall Pyeongki and Hip-Hop Urban R&B, and includes a funky rhythm title song’Mr Ambiguous’,’Summer Boy, BATON TOUCH’, Urban R&B’ Heho’ and 7 songs including the lyrics of the hip-hop track’My Heart’ written by Hwa-sa among the members, and the overall atmosphere of the album is retro, but black music is dominant.

The title song’Mr. Ambiguous’ can hear Mamamu’s blue yet soulful vocals that were not shown in the singles previously announced, and in the second half of the song, you will feel the powerful singing power and the ensemble of the vocal group. The direct message of a woman telling a man who acts vaguely is attractive, and Min Yeon-jae and Louis of Charles, who met breath with Kim Do-hoon in the hottest’Sum’ and’I’m Good,’ are attracting more attention.

The concept of this music video is “Musician made by musician”.
CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun played the role of’Mr. Ambiguous Ambiguous’ and guitarist in this music video.

And Wheesung is a music video director, Baek Ji-young is an advisor as a senior, Jung Jun-young is a director of the director, K-Will is a photographer, Rimer is a camera director, Bumkey Chorus, Don Spike is a piano player, and many of the best musicians appear and each has a role given for Mamamu. By acting properly, hot attention is gathering.

The album’HELLO’ has a pleasant, refreshing yet musical seriousness, and you can feel the individuality and depth of each vocal.

In fact, Mamamu is not the only team that mainly plays black music. However, every album released in the future will have a variety of genres, and we will try to show several genres in their own colors.


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