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Mamamoo, Genie Music and the world’s first VR album
[Mamamu VP] Released! Enjoying the ultra-high quality’Mamamu concert prepared only for one person’

‘Mamamu’, a women group that has been active at home and abroad with explosive singing power and gorgeous performances, releases the world’s first VR album [Mamamu VP (Virtual Play)] with GniMusic. From Mamamu’s representative hit songs “Decal Komani”, “Kobe Kobe”, “You and the Sun”, hidden songs that are loved by fans, “Between Us” and “It’s okay than I thought”, a total of 5 pieces of music and performance as VR content Is contained.

Producing a music album with VR technology, one of the immersive media, is unusual, so the intense worries of Gni Music and Mamamu are melted in [Mamamu VP]. First, I arranged Mamamu’s hit songs in a live version and placed live bands and dancers all over the stage. In addition, the stage was designed according to the first person perspective and the performance was reconstructed to form a narrative in all directions of 360 degrees. The 5 songs in the album combine with dancers and sometimes live bands to create different atmospheres, and various stage productions that express the space more virtually realistic and to those watching with VFX,’Special Mamamu Concert prepared for one person’ Presents a fantasy.


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