Laneige Layering Lip Bar 1.9g


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Laneige Layering Lip Bar

No. 1 Layering fantasy, No. 10 Tasty Salmon, No. 11 Moody Red, No. 12 Stubborn Rose, No. 13 Bitter Rose, No. 14 Candid Brick, No. 15 Shy Beige, No. 16 Lonely Coral, No. 17 No Doubt Coral, No. 18 Fierce Fuchsia, No. 19 Genie Red, No. 2 Milk Blurring, No. 20 Soul Red, No. 3 Jealousy Red, No. 4 Orange Pleasure, No. 5 Witty Coral, No. 6 Alluring Red, No. 7 Awesome Pink, No. 8 Crushed Pink, No. 9 Quiet Pink


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