MOONBYUL Dark Side Of The Moon (2nd Mini Album)


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سيتم وضع البوستر في شحنتك مطويا إلا إذا قمت بإضافة أنبوب البوستر في سلتك

The second solo album [Dark] after about a year and nine months shows Mamamu Munbyul, which has been loved by the public with a wide range of charms, such as charismatic rap, characteristic low-pitched vocals, and superb control performance. Side of the Moon].

The title song’When the Moon Covers the Sun (Eclipse)’ expresses the duality of the inner side in a’Japanese eclipse’ where the moon covers the sun, and expresses how two egos collide on the inside with intense and punchy beats. It is an expressive hip-hop dance song. From the back of the moon, it shows the overwhelming presence through the vivid contrast of’MONSTER’, which will shine as stars and protect from the darkness.


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