WHEEIN SOAR (2nd Single Album)


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“Let’s break up” a word that accumulates like a fallen leaf and spits out as a piled wound

-‘Social Fairy’ Hui’s solo album [soar] released with autumn emotion is back!
-The second collaboration with the emotional producer ‘Jungki’ after <Becoming a burden>!

Whee-in, who has been loved by the public for her unrivaled tone, has returned to her second solo album [soar].

This album [soar], which is an extension of Hui-in’s first solo album [magnolia], captures a beautiful, but sadly unknown figure with petals blowing in the wind as the magnolia unfolds and blooms again. It is an attractive album where you can feel the delicate and deep musicality of Hui-in.

The title song <Let’s Lose> is the second song that combines the emotional producer’Jungki’ with a second breath. It stimulates emotions.


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