IU Flower-Bookmark (1st Remake Mini Album)


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A trace of unpretentious and beautiful memories that will not fade over time
IU (IU) Special remake mini album “Flower Bookmark>

A book that has been dusted and removed from an old library. Sometimes, you flip through a bookshelf and find faded four-leaf clover or petals fitted like bookmarks. An unpretentious and beautiful trace that someone had long ago presented with heart. Also, memorable texts underlined on each page. This “flower galpi” may be one of the symbols of youth culture that shows the sensitivity and romance of the older analog generation, which is increasingly forgotten these days.

The traces of memories that pass through the generations that I don’t want to fade over time and want to take out again. The Special Mini Album IU (IU) is thus discover out the ‘flower bookmark’ in the music of previous generations, to reflect on it again and emotional voice of its own and contains a means presents to the current generation of listeners. Songs of this album have had direct selection of music remind you feel as if you had an exciting gift had imagined when the IU favorite of old songs usually first discovered the two, while utilizing the sensibilities of the most original and compromise the color of my only The remake was done in the direction of melting. <A flower bookmark> will watch with the time of the gift and, stimulating music for the many fans who have liked the analog sensitivity of the IU which was to turn the topic over the acoustic guitar covers and introduced in the broadcast over and again the meaning of the classics It will be a record that provides an opportunity to reconsider.


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