IU Real+ (3rd Mini+ Album)




IU’s new album, Diva Girl linking the wonder of its predecessor
Her new story that adds speciality and novelty


Currently over 2011, ran the music industry, waving behind the Republic of Korea has been a popular and critically acclaimed IU released a third mini-album, plus [REAL +] and go after the ‘IU syndrome.

The title song of [REAL+] is Yoon Sang’s work, “A Story I Only Didn’t Know,” a minor ballad song that combines Yoon Sang’s unique Nostalgia codework and melody. With differentiated structures and instruments arranged to meet two other special box with traditional minor ballad has a simple yet beautiful scale of real instruments to achieve moderate voices in perfect harmony with the IU. Unlike their youthful innocence and also sang the traditional songs of IU during the “did not know my own story ‘can meet a more mature sensibility and fine tune haeseokryeok IU.

Here is a piano version of saintbinary’s works,’Brutal Fairy Tales’ and’A Story I Only Didn’t Know’.

The new album [REAL +] is an album you can feel the presence of IU once throwing a big implications for the music industry as a solo singer again.


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