IU Real (3rd Mini Album)


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A shy confession of an 18-year-old girl, “What do I do with my brother… ”

Of positioning as a female solo artist to represent the music industry as a natural sensibility and vocal skills IU third mini album [REAL] is ‘Abracadabra’, ‘nagging’, sikimyeo such as “irreversible” one after another hit presents the trends of the music industry been Cho Young-cheol producer and come in line for a long time breathing and IU is choegapwon producer that understands the musical sensibilities of IU took on the co-produced, here Yoon Sang, Kim, Hyung – Seok, Yoon Jong Shin, choegapwon, yiminsu, Shinsadong Tiger, Kim or, Saint binary, Most of the top artists in the domestic music industry, such as Jeon Seung-woo, PJ, and Minwoong-shik, participated.

The new album is the album title, [REAL] means not just embellishment of IU of a natural album was literally projecting the image of AS, the title song “Good Day” is more description is needed not hit maker ‘yiminsu composers? Kim or lyricist “the work of the duo teamed up once again a force to IU.

‘Good day,’ it is like while deployed in one of the scales reminiscent of convenience musical a lively melody with strings organized and sounds magnificent, yet the dynamics of funky brass rhythms centered by default to give the violins, brass, guitar, organ solo IU The unique composition played in the form received is outstanding. ‘Good Day’ is a lyrics that depicts the heartache of a girl who likes’brother’ but is not able to confess easily and is ashamed. IU through the ‘Good Day’ serves explosive vocals and shy cute green performance of 18-year-old girl will be beating the hearts of all the ‘brother’ of the country.

The songs included in this album are full of high-quality songs that are comparable to the titles. First song of the composer Kim, Hyung – Seok, this is not it “is a compelling song IU flowing in a unique configuration throughout the song as the song of the electronic medium Shibuya families first attempt.

Kim, Hyung – Seok who appreciate the feeling tone of the usual IU gave better utilizing the bright and stylish vocals IU through this song. Works of Yoon Jong Shin ‘first parting that night’ is the song of Green Day lovely girl spirit not panic after the breakup IU was expressed allows complete the feel of the song, great song haeseokryeok and emotion. Yoon Jong Shin is evaluating IU after this operation is called the song ‘coveted with all that musical sensibility and shrewd singer “and spared no praise.

Sensual and sophisticated melodies and arrangements, the distance “a room alone, adult ear can be seen and felt an even deeper tones and stylish vocals to the song of the composer jeonseungwoo IU. In particular, the ‘room alone, “took the water sensitivity of the 18-year-old girl IU is directly involved in the lyrics with the choegapwon lyrics to the song as a whole. The sad ballad number “Working Slowly” is a collaboration between composer PJ and Min Woong-sik, and lyrics were written by Choi Gap-won. After the breakup of the person you love and the best match based on a lyrical melodies and acoustic IU slower one to forget him and the beautiful lyrics hagetdaneun little more love songs is impressive. Of Shinsadong Tiger ‘Preview Merry Christmas “is a song to confess that IU is a gift to the fans, members of the thunder from trainee days built up a friendship with IU and MBLAQ gave empowering participation by the rap. “Preview Merry Christmas” was completed by one love song beautifully waters the hearts of all winter to come with a clear voice and the arrangement of the warm feeling of IU.


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