MAMAMOO Memory (4th Mini Album)


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Believe and return! Returning to a radical transformation
Mamamoo, Mini Album Project
‘Finally, every piece of the puzzle is solved’
To decorate the beauty of the year that was brilliantly shining
Mini album’MEMORY’
Gentle Lady Mamamu transformed into an alluring sexy beauty

Mamamu, fully armed with alluring beauty, made a comeback with the release of the mini-album “MEMORY”.

In Mamamu’s fourth mini-album’MEMORY’, the title song’Decal Komani’ and the new song’And draw it’, and the unit songs’ANGEL’,’DAB DAB’ and’NEW YORK’ that were released as part of the project for this album In addition, a total of eight songs are included, including the original song’Moderato (feat. Hash Swan)’, which was released at a solo concert in August, and the fan song’I won’t let you go’.

This album is an album that has done much more than a regular album in many ways. The entire album is produced by Mamamu’s unchanging’Musical Persona’ composer Do-Hoon Kim, and he continues to work on albums by international pop stars such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Robin Chic. Tony Maserati’ participated in the mixing work. Mastering, Adele, Sam Smith, Mark Ronson, and Ariana Grande participated in the album’s top studio engineer, “Tam Coin,” who professionally worked on albums to enhance the quality of the album.

The title track of this mini-album “Decal Komani” is a work by hit writer Kim Do-hoon and is a medium rock genre that combines Mamamu’s soulful vocals with an 8-bit rock rhythm. If the music that was mainly released before was a retro-style funky song, mainly black music, this time, I challenged a new genre based on rock. Excluding a lot of synthesizers, acoustic drums and guitars are predominantly harmonized with Mamamu’s graceful vocals. The overall mood of the song continues the emotion of the title track of the mini-album 2nd album, “Piano Man.” The feeling of the first kiss with a loved one and the lover’s resemblance to each other are compared to ‘Decal Komani’, expressing wit and luxury in Mamamu’s own language.


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