MAMAMOO Yellow Flower (6th Mini Album)


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Released Mamamu Mini Album 6th [Yellow Flower]

Mamamu releases a mini-album [Yellow Flower] that will color this spring with their own splendor.

The album name of the album [Yellow Flower] is a combination of the color of the member’s speaker’Yellow’ and’flower’, which stands for the flower from the speaker’s name. As yellow signifies spring and a new start, it is an album of Mamamu’s music and talents that debut in 2018.

This mini album contains a total of 7 songs. In particular, Mamamu’s leader, Solar’s own song, “Star Wind Flower Sun,” was included in this album as a sub-title song. This song was released as a teaser video to express appreciation to fans on Solar’s birthday before release, and it also attracted great attention.

In addition, the intro titled’From Winter to Spring’, the title song’Starry Night’, the solo song’Dumpy’ is attractive with the honest and honest lyrics of Hwasa, the protagonist of this album color, and the storytelling lyrics of Fisherman Management are attractive. It contains’Rude boy’,’Bomta’ with a sweet acoustic sound, and’Paint me’ released as a single in January.


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