MAMAMOO Piano Man (1st single Album)


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Mamamoo is the title song of the first mini-album [HELLO]. At the time of his acting as ambiguous, he captured the public’s attention at once with his outstanding vocal skills and novel performances that contained Mamamuman’s personality. Whenever he appeared in a music broadcast, he posted a name on a real-time search term on an internet portal site and received hot interest.

In particular, Mamamu is loved by a concept different from other idols, such as participating in vocal directing and choreography, as a modifier of’native stone’.

The title song for this digital single album,’Piano Man’, also participated in the choreography by Mamamu directly,’Mr. Mamamu’s unique performance awaits the dance of “Among Moho”’s “Soonguri Party” dance.

The title song, Piano Man, is the work of Mamamu’s representative and Korea’s top hit composer, Do-Hoon Kim, and singer-songwriter Senna, who wrote’The Thumb’ of X Song Ki-go, the best hit song of the year. It is an electronic swing genre.

The music video for’Piano Man’ has recently worked with Girls’ Day, Crayon Pop, etc., including’Saturday Night’ of the idol ancestor God and’Be Natural’ of the Red Velvet. I caught this megaphone.

In addition, the’Piano Man’ music video divides the piano man who appears as a guest on a jazz bar in the 60s and 70s as a singer, dancer, bartender, and employee, seducing the piano man with their individuality and charm. It contains content that we enjoy together. It uses a technique that makes the point color stand out in a classic color to create a new feeling different from the existing idol music video.

In particular, in this’Piano Man’ music video, the youngest Gongchan of B1A4 played the role of a male protagonist with excellent piano skills in a gentle and warm appearance, making a big success with Mamamu and the strongest chemist.

Mamamu, along with the vocal skills that have become more mature and enriched through ‘Piano Man’, ‘Mr. It is expected that it will show a more intense and colorful stage performance than’Ambiguous’.




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