MAMAMOO Red Moon (7th Mini Album)


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تم بيع جميع البوسترات

Mamumu released the second album [RED MOON] of “Four Seasons Four Color Project”

-Comeback with “Summer Mommu” that will make hot summer more hot!
-Mamamu’s gorgeous and passionate charm will color this summer with “RED”!
-Mamamu, with [RED MOON], comes back to completeness.

In March of this year, Mamamu started the successful voyage of the “Four Seasonal Focal Color Project” by sweeping through various charts with [Yellow Flower]’s title song <Starry Night>. In this project, which contains the hidden charms and capabilities of each member that has never been shown as a symbol in each of the four colors, a new mini-album [RED MOON] featuring’RED’ of the door-by-door was released. [RED MOON] is a combination of Mamamu’s second color, red, and moon (moon), which means farewell.


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