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Mamamoo releases [White Wind] to mark the end of the’Four Seasons Four Color Project’

-Pleasant youthful party time of ‘CHILL’ in white!
-4 people, 4 colors, unique concept, digestive power,’I’m in trouble’

At the same time as the announcement of the beginning of the “Four Seasons Focal Color Project” last spring, the successful opening of the first album [Yellow Flower], followed by [RED MOON] and [BLUE;S], Mamamoo, which was loved both domestically and abroad. Each album led to trends and issues with different performances and choreography, and the modifier “believe and listen” is always with Mamagi, which has also made a big impact on the number one entertainment site and starring entertainment.

In March, you can feel the spring energy. Mamamoo came with [White Wind] to decorate the end of the “Four Seasons Four Color Project”.

[White Wind], the ninth mini-album and the last album of the’Four Seasons Four Color Project’, was completed by adding’White’, the symbol color of Hui, and’Wind’, which is the flower, star, and sun symbolized by each member. The album name, [White Wind], which goes well with the clean and pure image, captures the history from Mamamoo’s first meeting to the present day on a white canvas. In particular, Mamamoo’s group concept photo, which was released for the first time, presents memories to fans by recreating the color and composition of the debut song.


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